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Our specialty lies in the full integration of hardware, software, electrical and mechanical components. Our solution are packaged for turn-key delivery to the end-user and may include any or all of the following services:

Mechanical Design Software Development Installation & Commissioning
Maintenance Support Machine Upgrading Test & Measurement Products

Test & Measurement

Proximity Sensor Function Tester

This tester was designed for the customer for testing a fully integrated proximity sensor and ambient light detection device in a single package. Test parameters include typical IR emitter electrical test parameters, ASIC function test, I2C communication test and light detection testing. The tester system is a dual site system in a pipelined operation for a faster test time.

The actual GUI is as shown on the figure below. The GUI shows the test parameters including the results which as colored red if failed. It also displays some important information which is very useful to the engineer.

LED Final Tester

This tester was specifically designed for testing an application specific LED packaged device. It can also be used as a generic LED tester with some very minor modifications. It can test all the electrical parameters of all the LED components within the DUT via a switch matrix, also the light intensity of the individual LED via an integrating sphere. Spectral analysis can also be added by including an spectrometer within the integrating sphere.

The actual GUI is as shown on the figure below. It displays relevant information needed by the test engineer supervising the testing.

Automotive Sensor Can Module Tester

This test system was developed to test Sensor box inside the temperature chamber. It aims to control and monitor the 3rd Party instrument chamber by sending commands thru serial cable and acquire the Controller Area Network (CAN) Signals transmitted by the 6 (six) DUTs which is the sensor box. Controller, SMU and CAN Interfaces were integrated in a compact PXI Industrial chassis thus reduce the space occupied in the Test Laboratory; a great advantage in a small area. Data Graph Viewer in the system is useful in the analysis of the previous save data. And some features which are real time graph viewer, data logging in excel format, test profile editor and other tools are also included.

Actual GUI